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Religious Freedom By Faith McDonnell

Some Arab American and Middle East-related organizations give the impression that the Middle East American vote is all sewn up for President Obama. The Middle East American Coalition for Mitt Romney begs to differ.

The coalition launched on October 12 and held rallies in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Virginia — battleground states in which Middle East Americans are a significant constituency. Their press release indicated that “The Obama Administration has angered many in the community with its lack of a clear strategy on how to move forward in the Middle East. From the recent violence in Libya and Egypt that cost four American lives to the continuing civil war in Syria, Obama’s policy has been inept and failed to present a strong United States in the region.”

Middle East Americans’ activist John Hajjar added, “America needs a leader with a vision for real change in the Middle East who will advocate for the principles of liberty, universal human rights and the free market. The Obama Administration’s lack of a coherent Middle East policy is disastrous for the people of the region and U.S. relations for generations to come.”

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