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President Obama prays.

(Photo credit: The Blaze)

By Mark Tooley

A recent article from CNN’s religion blog describes President Obama’s increasingly more personal religious faith over the course of his presidency.

“His faith has been growing as the challenges of the presidency have become more naturally the main part of his own everyday life,” declares Florida megachurch pastor Joel Hunter of the president. He regularly prays with Obama, sometimes on a conference call with other mostly evangelical clergy, including Houston United Methodist megachurch pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell, who was close to President George W. Bush. Also reputedly spiritually influential is Joshua DuBois, a young Pentecostal minister who directs the White House faith-based office.

Unmentioned in the article is the rumor that Obama’s mother-in-law, who lives in the White House, is herself devout and has prayed for increased faith by her son-in-law. If true, more power to her.

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