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by Barton Gingerich (@bjgingerich)

Here’s a jewel from Faith in Public Life. It’s a short cartoon presentation on a “moral budget” and its parallels to the feeding of the five thousand.

Allow me to share my stream of consciousness while I watched this video:

0:07–I thought it was to show Jesus’ miraculous divine power and mastery over creation, as well as His ability to feed His people. Christians are to feast on Him as Word made flesh. It’s a lot more than “there’s enough to go around.”

0:12–Is that Mitt Romney?!?

0:14–I need to get me one of them “Hallelujah Cuts” signs for my office wall.

0:16–Oh, the flaming golden idol of Moloch? That’s about midway down the DC Mall to the right, not far after the Washington Monument.

0:20–I always knew that nice doctors were really SATAN.

0:24–HAWKMAN!! Paul Ryan, Republican congressman by day and superhero by night.

0:43–The Ryan budget=guillotine. It’s out to get you. Sacrebleu!

0:51–How exactly does one quantify virtues and vices to place them on a graph? I for one want to gain +5 compassion–roll d20.

0:57–The USA, eight states derived from 9 founding colonies.

1:00–I suppose “everyone” who “pays their fair share” isn’t only the fat cat monopoly man with his skyscraper of dollars, but also me and my more modest paycheck–or that’s at least what my 2013 income tax increase tells me.

1:03–That’s not an F-35. This is an F-35.

1:10–Huh, the demographic makeup around the Capitol building changed a lot from earlier.


1:15–“We just need politicians with the faith and courage to prioritize what’s right for our families and communities.” Translation: “If we have the correct regime, God is unnecessary.” This has Dostoevsky’s “Grand Inquisitor” written all over it. Also, labeling fishes and bread loaves as government programs–really?

When you start using 1990s style Sunday School cartoons to spread your message, you may have become a parody of yourself.

H/T Kristin Rudolph