March 22, 2013

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“IRD happily endorses and will participate in this march to defend traditional marriage.” – Mark Tooley, IRD President

Washington, DC— On the day that the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments about California’s Proposition 8 defining marriage as man and woman, the National March for Marriage will rally outside the Supreme Court Building. IRD is co-sponsoring the march along with dozens of pro-family and religious groups. Speakers will include Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and IRD emeritus board member Robert George of Princeton University. Opponents of traditional marriage are trying to claim the redefinition of traditional marriage is inevitable. But millions of Americans by faith and common sense know that the definition of marriage is immutable and that traditional marriage best serves all Americans, especially children. The attempts to legally redefine marriage also threaten religious liberty and the public witness of traditional religious believers. The Tuesday, March 26 National March for Marriage will begin at 9:30 on the National Mall and conclude with an 11am rally at the U.S. Supreme Court.

IRD President Mark Tooley

“IRD is honored to sponsor the National March for Marriage, in which IRD’s staff will march together.

For 20 years IRD has fought to uphold traditional marriage within declining, liberal led oldline Protestant denominations. Most of those once influential denominations, notably excepting The United Methodist Church, have surrendered on marriage, which has only accelerated their membership spiral and marginalization. What happened to the imploding Episcopal Church and others could happen to America.

Traditional Protestants, Evangelicals, Catholics, Orthodox, and others agree on the historic and universal definition of marriage. In these days of family disintegration, America now more than ever needs a vigorous affirmation of traditional marriage, for the sake of all society, especially the most vulnerable socially and economically, children above all.

Believers in religious liberty and a strong public voice for religious institutions and people should also be concerned about the redefinition of marriage’s ultimate impact of stigmatizing and curtailing traditional faith expressions in the public square.

We are confident that in the long term what is right and good for all will prevail, even as we anticipate in the short term many difficult battles ahead.