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(“Marriage Generation” leaders at March for Marriage.)

By Mark Tooley (@markdtooley)

Yesterday IRD staff joined in the March for Marriage from the National Mall to the U.S. Supreme Court and back. Afterwards, Owen Strachen, theologian and church historian at Southern Baptist affiliated Boyce College in Louisville, KY, visited our office to talk about the newly unveiled “Marriage Generation.” Here’s the website. This project aims to enlist Millennials, who were born in the 1980s, in the struggle to affirm traditional marriage over and against the popular culture that claims this fight is over because “history” always favors the secular Left. Owen is one of several very impressive young people who founded this project. Several of them were recently featured in THE NEW YORK TIMES. Even if you’re, like myself, too old qualify as a Millennial, I hope you will endorse and encourage the “Marriage Generation.”


(“Marriage Generation” leaders at U.S. Supreme Court.)

At next Monday’s IRD board meeting, several of these young evangelicals will speak to the challenges facing their demographic. Speakers are Eric Teetsel of the Manhattan Declaration, Andrew Walker of Heritage Foundation, Jessica Prol of Family Research Council and our own Kristin Rudolph.

As a very young man, over 25 years ago, I enlisted in the struggle for renewal in my own liberal dominated United Methodist Church. The odds seemed daunting, but the growth of the global church and the implosion of liberal churches now favors United Methodist renaissance. Seemingly lost causes are often the best and most important causes. And because God reigns, a lost cause, if just and good, is never really lost, but just awaiting vindication by willing hands. God’s speed to the “Marriage Generation.” May He give them perseverance to prevail.

(Owen Strachan with IRD after March for Marriage.)